The Score


-4 Five Atlee High School students are handed 42 felony charges after allegedly throwing stones at cars on Interstate 295 in December. They're sentenced to hard time at Henrico County's Glass-Walled Juvenile Correction Center. 

+2 The Boy Scouts of America will hold its once-every-four-year national jamboree at Fort A.P. Hill next year, but it chooses Goshen in Rockbridge County as the new home of the gargantuan event, along with an expanded National Scouting Center. So be warned Goshen: Expect large gangs of unruly kids playing mumblety-peg, tying knots and helping little old ladies across the street. 

-1 A Florida jury brings a case against Philip Morris in the lung cancer death of a four-decade-long smoker. Way to go Florida, you've really caught the culprit. Another judicial leap from the Official State of Child Molesters. 

0 Crown Royal continues its trend of naming the May Sprint race at RIC after lucky fans: This time it's Russell Friedman, a New York-based Marine. Commentators are calling it the “Who the Hell Is This Guy Again 400” for short. 

-2 The winds come blowing across the prairies, felling trees, tipping Segways, breaking windows, mussing Pantele's comb-over and gusting up to 50 mph. In completely unrelated news, you should really wear underwear with that skirt.

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