The Score


+4 Richmond's new mayor, the Rev. Dwight Jones, takes his ceremonial oath of office, and tells a crowd that City Hall is “singing Kumbaya” — at least for now. Soon enough, we'll all be singing on street corners, with our monkey Raul holding an empty tin cup. 

-6 Richmond gets its latest dose of corporate bad news from Genworth Financial, which announces layoffs of 1,000, including 400 from its Richmond-area headquarters. This is what we get for swapping our Confederate scrip for that eerie green Union money. 

+1 Meanwhile, Circuit City says it's going to try to auction itself off as part of the company's bankruptcy proceedings. “Do I hear tendollartendollartendollar for this beeee-you-tiful deeee-funct company with all the Blu-Ray you can eat?” 

-1 A tractor-trailer full of frozen chickens overturns on Interstate 64 near Gaskins, blocking lanes and requiring several hours of cleanup. Meanwhile, in Goochland County, a waffle factory explodes. Delicious, delicious disaster. 

+3 At the Golden Globes, Tom Hanks gives a shout out to the Virginia film crew for its work on “John Adams.” Which is a mixed blessing, because a lot a those Hollywood fancy folk thought it was a documentary. No, Brangelina, we don't all still wear powdered wigs. Most, maybe, not all. 

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