The Score


0 By two votes, Delegate Jeffrey Frederick loses his position as Virginia GOP chairman, but says he'll run to reclaim the job at the party's convention next month. He's also quick to mention that he's named himself the “superimportant secret chairman's assistant.”

-6 In another round of cuts, Media General's Richmond Times-Dispatch eliminates 31 open positions and lays off 59 employees, including 28 in the newsroom. Someone, anyone, please tell us Brick Reloaded has escaped unscathed! 
+5 The inaugural Broadway in Richmond series unveils its 2009-10 season, which includes a 24-performance run next March of the musical “Wicked.” Which will give the anti-Harry Potter crowd plenty of time to protest against the “evil witches” and their “New York City stagecraft.” 
-1 The rats are wrong at the Science Museum, where trained basketball-playing rodents assigned to NCAA teams predict the title going to Connecticut — which in reality lost against Michigan State. It's a step backward for science, considering the accuracy of the lacrosse-playing hedgehogs that predicted the lending crisis. 

+1 Richmond's new federal courthouse on Broad will get about $3.5 million in federal stimulus money, the T-D reports, in part to install a solar panel on the roof. In related news, people sentenced to death must pedal a bike to charge their own electric chairs.

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