The Score


The We-Went-to-Press on Monday Edition

+4 With nothing to do Tuesday, former mayoral candidate Paul Goldman spends the day drinking limeades at Phil's, devising ways to spend his campaign treasury cleaning up Dirtwoman for an amazing comeback in 2012. 

-3 Former School Board member Carol A.O. Wolf stops kicking herself about missing petition sheets, and instead sets a two-year goal to be the dishiest blogger in Richmond with her newly created WolfGoesForth. 

-5 After Rock the Vote gets them riled up to harness their new-generation democratic powers, VCU students realize they must vote absentee — last Saturday. 

+1 In a last-ditch effort to win over Richmonders, Robert J. Grey Jr. fervently works the polls, vowing that if elected his moustache will replace Harry Black as chief administrative officer. 

0 Republican Manoli Loupassi wonders how he ever got elected.

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