The Score

A weekly rating of the city zeitgeist.


+1After a bit of snow, Richmond celebrates Easter with the annual parade on Monument Avenue that draws an estimated 25,000 people. Which begs the question, WBWJW? (What bonnet would Jesus wear?)

-3After an opinion from the attorney general, the T-D reports, Virginia State Police shut down public access to a database of people permitted to carry concealed handguns. But at least we already know that a few state delegates are on the list.

+1Cathy Clark of Midlothian, picked during a casting call at Willow Lawn, wins $50,000 on "Deal or No Deal." But the real prize was meeting the voice of Gizmo.

0In Virginia Historical Society news, President and Chief Executive Charles F. Bryan Jr. announces that he's retiring in 2008 after 20 years. So yes, he's history.

+2After a drop in homicides during the first three months of the year — from 28 in 2006 to six this year — Richmond Police Chief Rodney Monroe and his department receive kudos from media, citizens and City Council. At least six people, however, aren't celebrating. S

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