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+1About 20 bloggers from across the state show up for Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling's "1st Annual Bloggers' Day at the Capitol." They are blinded by sunlight reflected off their translucent skin, then scurry home to complain about the day in secluded dining-rooms-turned-home-offices.

+3Richmond's new all-female, flat-track roller-derby league, The Richmond Derby Demons, holds its first public showdown on the rink. Couples' skate has never been so bloody.

-2We get some kind of "Arctic Blast" out of nowhere, delivering a sudden rush of snow and plunging temperatures. By some weird meteorological coincidence, the Arctic gets a "Richmond Blast," resulting in bronze Civil War statues falling from the sky and an absence of beer from grocery-store shelves.

0There are no good solutions to the Iraq war, former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright tells the T-D while she's in town to get an award from the Council for America's First Freedom. Then she leaves with her "Lifetime Achievement Award in No Good Solutions."

+2Elliott Yamin gets his record deal and announces that his first album is set for release March 20, with the single "Movin' On" online Feb. 13. The vernal equinox release date was picked to garner the coveted 14- to 25-year-old American Druid market. S

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