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+7 Playing the Reading Phillies, the Richmond Flying Squirrels win their home opener, a capacity-crowd spectacle filled with dancing maids in drag, skydivers with smoke and a guy dressed as Peter Pan selling beer. And those mushroom hot dogs tasted amazing. 

0 While the Squirrels were playing, an estimated 3,500-plus people showed up at the Richmond Tea Party's Tax Day Rally on the Kanawha Plaza, with leaders calling for government accountability and fiscal responsibility. People, there's a better chance the Easter Bunny can deduct home-office expenses on his 1040.

+1 Eve Plumb, the actress who played Jan in “The Brady Bunch,” opened an art exhibit at Chasen Galleries. Of course we all know Marcia is the one with the real talent in the family.

0 Former Redskins cheerleader and first lady Maureen McDonnell is appointed as a trustee to the board of the Richmond Ballet. To celebrate her first idea, a special Confederate History Month performance will feature male dancers carrying petticoat-wearing ballerinas back to old Virginny.

+5 Richmond gears up for its Earth Day Festival, set for April 25 near Plant Zero in Manchester. To find out more, please ride your bike to a nearby organic coffee shop, plug your nonmercury-containing laptop into a nearby wind-power-driven energy source, and log onto the sustainable


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