The Score

A weekly rating of the city zeitgeist.


+7 It's a cold New Year's Eve, but that doesn't stop crowds from filling up bars and house parties — with some people even showing up to see the unofficial and not-really-canceled ball raising in Carytown. Yeah, they stuck it to the man.

-5 CBS 6's Mark Holmberg reports live on New Year's Eve, telling of people shooting guns into the air. Stupidity parties like no one can party. 

+1 The Flying Squirrels hold a news conference to announce their new field staff for the inaugural baseball season. The only dude that looked a little depressed was the “Left-Field Squirrel Droppings Sanitation Coordinator.”

+1 The Boulevard Bridge turns 85 years old. But if you ask us, it doesn't look a day over 82.

+3 The Richmond Department of Public Works plans a big Christmas-tree recycling festival of sorts for Saturday at the Parker Field Annex, featuring workshops on tree care, oak seedling giveaways and wood-chipper machine shows. Afterward, a showing of “Fargo.”

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