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We go to press not knowing who might win the governor's race. But after carefully analyzing the campaigns, we will offer this: "Congratulations and good luck in office, you anti-crime, pro-education white guy!"


In the week before Election Day, Richmond voters are barraged with recorded phone messages from Rudy Giuliani, Delegate Viola Baskerville and Gov. Mark Warner, among others. Makes us nostalgic for calls from long-distance carriers.


Mayor L. Douglas Wilder announces his endorsement for Lt. Gov. Tim Kaine. After all, Kaine's "cesspool of corruption" got Wilder elected.


Despite his miniscule showing in pre-election polls, independent candidate Sen. H. Russell Potts soldiers on, refusing to pull out of the race. And why should he? He's still polling higher than President Bush.


Since we don't know the results of the election, here are the results of the ice-hockey game between the Richmond RiverDogs and the Elmira Jackals: 4-2. After five losses, a win for the Dogs! And for democracy.

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