The Score


-3 Caressa Cameron — aka Miss Arlington — is crowned as Miss Virginia, knocking our Miss Greater Richmond Shannon Beam to first runner-up. Don't fret, Miss Greater Richmond. We happen to know Caressa Cameron has absolutely no interest in feeding the children of the world. 

-4 Gov. Tim Kaine declines a request from Virginia Republicans to open records detailing his travel outside the state in his role as chairman of the Democratic National Committee. He does, however, insist that visiting the World's Largest Ball of Twine is well within the boundaries of his DNC duties. 

+3 James River Park gets $100,000 from City Council to hire seasonal help with cleanup and park maintenance. It received another $50,000 from the World Wildlife Fund to round up stray hippies and tag them before returning them to the wild. 

+1 Richmonder Manaya Mabry gets to attend the BET awards in Los Angeles after winning Dr. Miracle's and BET's Celebrity Lookalike Contest for her similarity to singer Mary J. Blige. In a separate contest, Mary J. Blige gets to attend the Purple Martin Festival in Richmond for her striking similarity to Manaya Mabry. 

+2 Virginia gets ready for new personalized license plates made possible by the General Assembly, including the expansion of the “Virginia's Tobacco Heritage” plate to trucks greater than 7,500 pounds. But still no “Virginia's Ganja Heritage” plates for your old, beat-up, rainbow-colored VW van.

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