The Score

A weekly rating of the city zeitgeist.


+4 Congratulations to the Richmond Flying Squirrels, for having the best overall (463,842) and per game (6,626) attendance figures in the AA Eastern League in their inaugural season. Now that the crowds have done their part, let's work on the little things — say, hitting, fielding, base running and pitching.

-5 Hold up, wait, Gov. Bob McDonnell isn't trying to pass off a 4 percent tax on restaurants in his plan to privatize the liquor business. He meant 4 percent off of your current taxes, silly. Seriously, he wants to buy you a drink and apologize. Here, just grab this funnel. 

0 Mayor Dwight Jones boldly accepts the challenge to build both a new Coliseum and a new ballpark in his grand plan to make Richmond a Tier One City. Now all we need are Tier One residents, Tier One schools, a Tier One business community and, um, a Tier One mayor.

-5 The students are back and crime is up at Virginia Commonwealth University, with four robberies occurring within two days. The good news is, thanks to the new noise ordinance, the thieves and muggers are being a lot quieter and considerate of the neighborhood association.

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