The Score


Two grand-prize winners emerge in Central Virginia's 2009 Metro Richmond Science Fair: Suraj Mishra, for “Investigating the French Paradox: Resveratrol as a Potential Antioxidant in Mesenchymal Stem Cell Differentiation and Genomic Stability,” and Jonathan Guinther, for “Using Fatty Acids for Biodiesel Fuel Applications.” Here are other standout entries for of the week:

Hematology +4
Entrant: CW Pilot “The Vampire Diaries,” shooting here
Project: “Nocturnal Studies on Aberrant Adolescent Sexual Behaviors Regarding Alabaster-Skinned, Pop-Star-Looking Undead Seeking Blood” 

Organic Chemistry -3
Entrant: Sam Moore, Velvet / ABC
Project: “The Effects of Fermentation on the Gravitational Pull of Natural Fibers Worn South of the Umbilicus, Intermingled With Governmental Intervention”

Linguistic Studies +5
Entrant: Church Hill Irish Festival
Project: “A James Parsons-Inspired Comparison of Welsh and Irish Lexicon with Dropped-Consonant and Elongated-Vowel-English at a 21st-Century Festivus” 

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