The Score

A weekly rating of the city zeitgeist.


+5 Gov. Tim Kaine is named DNC chairman, inviting speculation that he'll be more interested in national politics than fixing the state's finances. Luckily, Doug Wilder's ambassadorship to the Bermuda Triangle won't interfere with anything. 

-7 The holiday shopping season ends with a dull thud, while economists predict widespread retailer bankruptcies in the coming months. Fortunately, with Legend Brewing's expansion, there'll be more beer to forget all about it. 

+5 Carytown's New Year's Eve is a success, although the merchants association says only about half of attendees paid the $2 donation to get in. Suggestion for 2010: Charge drunk people $4 to get out. 

-3 Ukrop's trims its popular “fuelperks!” gas discount program in half, and Pocahontas Parkway increases its tolls to $2.75. A war party of Indian ghosts sporting SmartTags circle their '72 Pintos around the prepared foods aisle. 

-4 Mayor Dwight Jones surprises no one in naming David M. “If-selected-I-will-not-serve” Hicks as his senior policy analyst. Hicks is seen jogging around City Hall and snacking on granola at Ellwood Thompson's. Next, the blog: Big D's Daily Dish. 

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