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+5Judges in Richmond and Henrico issue separate rulings that the state's new bad-driver fees -- those levied only on Virginia residents — are unconstitutional. So politicians go back to screwing us the old-fashioned way: meal taxes, lottery tickets and highway tolls.

0City Councilman Doug Conner introduces an ordinance prohibiting dog owners from keeping their animals tied down for more than an hour a day. One hour sounds short, but it's like seven hours to a dog.

0In other dog news, the Richmond Braves host Dog Night at The Diamond. No dogs were harmed, though some were pretty ashamed at the beating the Braves took.

+1After buying only two entries in the 18th Annual Duck Race for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Richmond, Henrico resident Sherry Miller wins a new Toyota Prius from Richmond McGeorge Toyota & Scion. It's environmentally friendly, too, running entirely on recycled rubber ducks. Four ducks to the gallon!

-1Officials with the Richmond Sheriff's Office arrest a woman on charges of trying to mail heroin to her boyfriend in jail, the T-D reports. Jailers were suspicious after she tried to fax over a speedball earlier that week.

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