The Score

A weekly rating of the city zeitgeist.


+2 Word travels fast about an eerie white light in the sky on Sunday night, as reported by mesmerized residents of the Fan District. Unfortunately, the UFO couldn't find anywhere to park. 

+6 Local theater critics hand out awards during a black-tie ceremony at the Empire Theatre, recognizing the best work of Richmond's theater community. We're not accusing anyone of rivalry, but let's just say when you put the casts of “Rent” and “Sound of Music” together in a back alley you get “West Side Story.” 

0 Despite months of controversy and debate, Wal-Mart gets the green light to open a SuperCenter in Powhatan County. On the upside, residents have a new place to socialize besides barn-raisings and pot-lucks. On the downside, they're bound to start puttin' on airs, like them folks in Henrico. 

-1 The T-D reports on a robbery at a Buffalo Wild Wings in Chesterfield, where employees are locked in the freezer. No injuries are reported, but one waitress complains about a particular busboy's incessant requests for “anti-hypothermic cuddling.” 

-4 John Lewis Jr., the chief executive of the GRTC Transit System, announces that he's leaving for a job in Florida. Where the buses run on sunshine, smell like oranges and drop unruly passengers off at “Gator Station.” 

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