The Score

A weekly rating of the city zeitgeist.


Special Muppet Edition!

+6 “Sesame Street Live” sweeps into Richmond for the weekend, bringing music and good vibes to happy little fans.

But offstage, there's trouble:

-2 Elmo is spurned by bouncers when he tries to leverage his celebrity to skip the massive line at the seventh RVAlution party. Back in his hotel he attempts to retaliate by phoning in bomb threats to the Hat Factory, but police just don't care. 

-1 Tempers flare when castmates become jealous of Cookie Monster getting singled out to receive the key to the city. But hey, the mayor likes cookies. 

+4 After high-pitched squeals are heard backstage, Nutzy the Flying Squirrel is seen smoking in the alley with a big smile on his face. Let's just say somebody had to clean up a big, wet pile of yellow feathers. 

-7 An invitation to a Memorial Day cookout goes horribly awry. Fur is flammable. 

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