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-3Delegate William J. Howell and Sen. Walter A. Stosch have a fix for the widely hated new aggressive-drivers' fees levied only on Virginians: Make them apply to out-of-state drivers too. Our new state motto: If Virginians must suffer, so should the rest!

+2The Richmond Braves will be here at least through 2010, the T-D reports, after the Atlanta Braves and Richmond Metropolitan Authority agree on a lease extension. That's at least three more chances to bring your pets to Dog Night.

-4Gov. Timothy M. Kaine announces that Virginia is facing a $641 million cash shortfall and proposes that agencies cut back spending by 5 percent. At VMFA, they're already cutting corners off the pictures.

+1Mayor Wilder joins the likes of former Sen. George Allen, Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling and Tim and Daphne Maxwell Reid as guest hosts of WRVA's "Richmond's Morning News," filling in for Jimmy Barrett. Now that's a mix: a Blowhard, a Bubba, a Bore and Venus Flytrap.

0The Michael Vick story moves closer to resolution when Vick pleads guilty to dogfighting charges and holds a press conference apologizing, saying he's found Jesus and will redeem himself. That fits -- all his dogs have found Jesus too.

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