The Score

A weekly rating of the city zeitgeist.


+1 Gov. Bob McDonnell gives the commencement address to Virginia Tech graduates, telling them that despite the tough economy, he's sure they'll find great opportunities in Virginia. And also, are there any good public-relations majors in the audience? 

+3 The racially tinged freak out over Chris Brown's Shockoe Bottom Shutdown proves to be much ado about not much, with only one after-party arrest reported. Turns out you're more likely to be the victim of violence as a guest in Chris Brown's car. 

+6 The hot weather and suggested dress code at Strawberry Hill Races become too much to handle for some beefy men, who shed their shirts while strutting around the track. It may not have rained, but there was a 60 percent chance of getting struck by scattered showers of back sweat. 

+7 The second annual Dominion Riverrock, a two-day festival of music and outdoor adventure sports on and around Brown's Island, draws more than 25,000 spectators. The people who sloshed their way through the mud run are expected to be clean by this weekend. 

-3 Miss USA, Donald Trump's slightly tackier version of the Miss America pageant, crowns Virginia's Samantha Casey as second runner-up. Judges had hoped for a little more sleaze during her talent segment demonstrating how to cure a ham.

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