The Score

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AirTran Airways is named the official airline of America's 400th anniversary. Free with every bag of peanuts, a bout of scurvy!


Lured by the promise they'd save pennies, Richmonders crowd stores to buy back-to-school supplies and other items during Virginia's tax-free holiday weekend. But what does a kid need with a leaf-blower and a push-up bra?


The region's largest school system, Chesterfield County, announces that its new superintendent is Marcus J. Newsome, who's coming from the same position at Newport News Public Schools. Pundits credit his success with cool posters in the cafeteria with the snappy slogan: "Want something new? Think Newsome!"


L.L. Cool J comes to town, rapping to a Fridays at Sunset crowd on Brown's Island. Meanwhile, Kool Moe Dee spends Friday night watching "I Love the 80s" and crying.


How hot is it? Hot enough for Gov. Tim Kaine to issue an official statement about it, urging every Virginian to "stay hydrated." And yes, wet T-shirts count.

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