The Score


+3Chesterfield County gets a new police chief in Lt. Col. Thierry G. Dupuis, a 28-year veteran of the department and a native of France. Also, he's the best kisser on the force. Trust us.

+4Richmond finds out it will get $21 million from FEMA to help repair Battery Park, which suffered severe damage from flooding during Tropical Storm Ernesto last August. The bad news is, no more free swimming in the streets.

+2Power company Dominion says it doesn't expect blackouts, even with all the heat, but a spokesman suggests that Richmonders keep curtains closed, ceiling fans on and thermostats set to 78 degrees. Oh, and if we could just move to Alaska for a few weeks, that would be just great.

+1 The T-D reports that Aerosmith lead singer Steven Tyler worked with Glen Allen's Hohner Inc. to design a limited-edition $100 harmonica. It's 6 feet wide, made to accommodate Tyler's lips.

+3The state's good-news spreaders shift into overdrive to tout Virginia's second-year-in-a-row title as the "best" state for business by Our new motto: "Virginia is for giant corporations."

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