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A weekly rating of the city's zeitgeist.


-6The city is kicking out the last tenants of 6th Street Marketplace, the food court vendors, but hasn't unveiled its plans for the property. For the first time, City Hall seems to be acknowledging the obvious: A city with a plan is riskier.

-6Kings Dominion shuts down the Drop Zone Stunt Tower for inspection after a girl gets her feet sliced off by a loose wire on a similar ride in Kentucky. In addition, the Doswell park cancels it's 2008 attraction: "The Sword of Damocles Free-Fall Dodge!"

+2The Times-Dispatch's Hanover presses catch fire, but the paper doesn't miss a beat. Luckily, the Sunday edition reaches doorsteps hours before huge clearance sales at Haynes and Dick's.

0An unexpected profit nearly monkey-wrenches the Relocate The Museum of the Confederacy Movement until director Waite Rawls reassures T-D: "Our mission is not to be a financial success. It's to educate people about the Civil War." Whew.

+1After months of expectations and false starts, Toad's Place finally opened last week. Sort of. The venue is still waiting on its restaurant and liquor license. Lucky for concertgoers, this dry spot is located near a canal.

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