The Score

A weekly rating of the city zeitgeist.


0After months of fights and finger-pointing, General Assembly members pass a two-year, $74 billion state budget — while Gov. Kaine complains that they solved no long-term transportation problems. It's so bad even roller coasters are going backward.

-1The Great Foamy River Mystery continues ... the T-D reports that officials are checking out whether the foam-forming phosphorous comes from laundry at the women's prison in Goochland County. Which explains why the river smells so lemony fresh.

-1TV scouts come to town to cast for Fox's "Nanny 911," which aims to turn around the lives of bratty kids and irresponsible parents. The search ends as soon as Ashlee Simpson comes to town.

+1The week brings on the arrival of summer vacation for school kids across Richmond. And the beginning of summer drinking for soccer moms.

-3An assistant to City Councilman Eugene A. Mason Jr. complains that Mason often harassed her at work with flowers, requested hugs and grabbed her. But that's nothing compared with the sexy Glamour Shots Manoli sent to Mayor

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