The Score

A weekly rating of the city zeitgeist.


+2  Mayor-elect Dwight Jones announces his list of more than 30 transition team members, saying he wants to get “new faces” around the table. Which can only mean one thing: Dr. Joe “Joetox” Niamtu. 

-3  The Michael Vick dog-fighting story resurges: The AP reports that a witness told investigators the football star enjoyed watching family pets fight against trained pit bulls. Which sounds bad, until you realize that Vick's family pets included a Kodiak circus bear, two saltwater crocodiles and a dozen Mongolian fighting hamsters (fed entirely on human blood). 

-2  The Virginia Opera cuts about 10 percent of its budget, telling the T-D that although it has the same attendance, people are buying cheaper seats. On the plus side, they no longer need to warn the front two rows that things might get sloppy during “Gallagher: The OpAcra Comique.” 

-4  The Times-Dispatch bombs in a relaunch of its Web site, along with its sister site,, drawing dozens of vicious reader comments on said sites. Thus drawing the paper's next Web site:

+4  Ashland braces for the “Nekkid Men from the Center of the Universe” calendar, a fundraiser for Ashland Christian Emergency Services with a launch party Dec. 3 at the Iron Horse Restaurant. If you're going for dinner, try not to order the sausage. 

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