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-2Stung by high gas prices, more Richmonders were expected to cut back on Memorial Day trips, joining in a trend coined a "staycation." Which means the family is stuck in the house all weekend, having "stayguments" that lead to "stayvorces" and even, tragically, "stayicide."

+5Bluegrass fan fave Sam Bush headlines the inaugural concert of the Friday Cheers concert series on Brown's Island, kicking off a summer of outdoor music in Richmond. Sam Bush, of course, is no relation to Jenna Bush, who again, let us stress, is just really awesome. Puppies, hearts, moonbeams. Love her. She will save the world one day.

-2The T-D reveals a new "real people" feature online, touting movie reviews from "real people," and not, we guess, "fake people" or "robots" -- and, oh yeah, it's all "real people" from the company's online site in Tampa Bay, Fla. Which explains the critics' tans and fondness for comparing films to a "bitchin' day on Bayshore Boulevard."

+6In a Newsweek ranking of the country's 1,358 best public high schools, five are in the Richmond area (James River, Midlothian, Clover Hill, Monacan and Atlee). Which sounds good on paper, except that 1,353 are somewhere else.

-1More bear sightings are reported across the area, the T-D reports, triggering a wide-ranging police search that in one case results in the discovery of "two large black dogs." Also, half a Hot Pocket, several large, hairy gay men and a muffler that might be rabid.

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