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Despite its loss to Florida, Virginia's own George Mason University creates excitement and proud fans by making it to the Final Four. Seeing green and gold, the University of Richmond makes a futile attempt to rejoin the CAA.

Gov. Kaine travels the state to make his case for fixing transportation problems, while legislators go overtime in a standoff on the state budget. Warring Republicans try to settle things with a giant shootout, but manage to hit just one: Sen. Russ Potts.

A Richmond police officer and her husband, a former officer, are charged with involvement in an illegal gambling operation, the T-D reports. First Spotsylvania police and "massage parlors," then Hopewell police and missing money and drugs ... now this? Cops might know how to party after all.

Police Chief Rodney Monroe and Mayor L. Douglas Wilder call a press conference to announce that violent crime is down in every category, with one small exception: Murder is up nearly 50 percent. Some clouds don't have silver linings.

There's no stopping the Monument Avenue 10K, which draws more than 20,000 runners, along with a surge of fans, to the city over the weekend. In order to keep traffic snags to a minimum next year, the race will be held in a room full of treadmills. S

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