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Cash for Clunkers Edition

Other federal stimulus ideas sparked by Richmond news.

+3 What: Martin Agency wins account for
U.S. Relief: For every vacation you took with your family after the age of 15: $1,000, redeemable in New Orleans. $500 bonus if you are male and your mother ever made you take a picture with Goofy.

-2 What: Post-apology, Chris Brown shops at Short Pump.
U.S. Relief: Exchange any Chris Brown CD for two free Jay-Z albums with purchase of a $24.95 Rihanna-brand Umbrella. Available as part of the new Streetwise Collection at Nordstrom.

+5 What: Jimmy and Donna Dean rebuild home after fire.
U.S. Relief: For every Jimmy Dean sausage you ever ate that left you with just a little too much country twang, a $5 coupon to the Oak Ridge Boys, playing Sept. 19 at the new CenterStage. Your heart's on fire, Elvira!

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