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At 74, Richmonder Gene White becomes the second-oldest participant in the World Duathlon Championships, a run-bike-run covering almost 100 kilometers. He said the race reminded him of his morning trek to school as a kid, except there were more alligators and snow.


The NAACP issues a complaint against Mayor L. Douglas Wilder on the heels of a lawsuit brought by minority contractor A. Hugo Bowers, complaining that Wilder managed to exclude him from lucrative construction contracts. There is now officially no one left that Wilder has not offended.


The T-D reports that the James River is looking pretty healthy in spots because of the drought, because there's been no rain to wash fertilizer and other debris like minivans into the river. If we wait till winter, all of the snow will make it look pretty clean too.


Meanwhile, 93 of 95 counties are designated natural-disaster areas while the drought continues, affecting farmers and lawn-worshippers as mandatory water restrictions set in. Remember what it was like before hurricanes became extinct?


Halloween is upon us, with local stores stocking up on new variations and smaller sizes of favorite candy, like candy-corn-striped Hershey's Kisses and Mocha Cappuccino 3 Musketeers. Less popular options this year will most likely be the Beagle-Flavored Starburst and Mr. Hoodie's Racism Bites.

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