The Score

A weekly rating of the city zeitgeist.


+7 The Virginia Wine Expo kicks off on a Friday at the Greater Richmond Convention Center, offering countless sips from scores of wineries across the state. Saturday brings forth the First Annual Virginia Hangover Expo, with shots of Red Bull, black coffee and the sudden realization that you have no idea how you got home. 

+3 Gov. Bob McDonnell decrees that the Virginia Department of Transportation begin a pothole-repair blitz. Unfortunately, the three employees left at the department can shovel only so much asphalt. 

+5 A grass-roots “Pennies in Protest” effort springs up to raise money for local Jewish groups and others, bringing in $4,500-plus from donors who want to counter the protests of a church-based, anti-Semitic and anti-gay hate group coming to town. Next: Let's all just pretend they're not here. 

-4 Despite some lawyers' worries that the attempt is unconstitutional, Richmond City Council revises the city's noise ordinance, the violation of which could land you in jail for six months. Savoring its victory, the Fan Party Patrol celebrates with a special No-Fun Gathering of Silence, featuring all the water you can drink and the very popular Backyard Cotton-Ball Throwing Contest. 

-1 Through his Twitter feed, local boy-turned-“American Idol”-star Elliott Yamin, in Chile for a music festival, tells of experiencing the country's 8.8-magnitude earthquake. In related news, local-boy-turned-bad D'Angelo tweeted that he was experiencing his “own personal 8.8-magnitude quake” after eating at Chili's.

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