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U.S. Rep. Virgil H. Goode Jr. causes an uproar by saying that immigration restrictions should be placed on Muslims, and that he fears the use of the Quran in congressional swearing-in ceremonies. Also, he's afraid of the trolls that live beneath the House of Representatives.


The Virginia Performing Arts Foundation announces that it's successfully raised $20 million for part of its languishing Richmond CenterStage project downtown. You can buy a lot of time with that kind of money.


We learn that former Gov. Jim Gilmore is considering a run for president, after a disclosure that he's creating an exploratory committee Jan. 2. First up: Exploring pithy new three-word campaign slogans that will never come true.


Mayor Wilder announces that Bank of America will provide $150 million of his $300 million City of the Future Plan in short-term financing, although it's unclear so far exactly what the money will go toward. But we're guaranteed Bank of America ATMs on every corner!


Carytown and RVA Magazine announce that they're holding a New Year's Eve party, Times Square style, in front of the Byrd Theatre — complete with music, beer and a lighted ball drop. Even with the street closed, traffic will be bad.

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