The Score


-3Michael Vick's indictment on dog-fighting charges at the federal courthouse stirs a downtown crowd full of news media, Vick supporters and protesters in costumes. A PETA supporter chewed off a cameraman's ear. (We had $20 riding on that one.)

-4Within a week, both an unidentified body and a human thigh bone are found in the James River. The thigh bone's connected to the white foam …

+5Carnegie Hero Fund Commission awards two medals for heroism to Goochland County residents Howard Thurston and Samuel Shealy, the T-D reports, who pulled a woman from a burning car last year. We need more like 'em.

0Virginia rare-coin dealer John Feigenbaum delivers an 1894-S dime worth $1.9 million from San Jose to New York, the T-D reports. It was more successful than the time he accidentally swallowed an 1850 Double Eagle coin en route to San Diego, and had to lay over in the men's room of a Denny's in Dayton until it passed.

+2A Goochland County teenager tells summer school officials he's an undercover police officer on a drug case in an effort to get his girlfriend out of class. Ferris Bueller swiftly

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