The Score


-5 After a sting operation, Chesterfield Police arrest Virginia Commonwealth University Police Chief Willie Fuller, charging him with soliciting sex from a 14-year-old girl. Fuller claims he was actually undercover posing as a pedophile, trying to nab all those “gold-digging, man-trapping, adolescent sickos.” 

-2 Kids' soccer is in jeopardy at a Goochland County park because organizers want to make sure the county's solved the methane emissions problem from a landfill. Also on hold is the park's annual candlelight vigil. 

-1 Virginia's gubernatorial race gets fun, with the Washington Post's Marc Fuller reporting on candidate Creigh Deeds' analogy of Virginia suburbia: “It's like ‘Of Mice and Men,' where you have this big mentally handicapped guy who didn't realize all the power he really had.” Is Lennie the new macaca?

-1 Virginia sets out poison for hordes of starlings that are damaging the Benjamin Harrison Bridge near Hopewell and leaving piles of bird-droppings as deep as 18 inches, the T-D reports. Because dead birds are easier to clean up. 

+4 At a speech to Venture Richmond's annual meeting, the T-D reports, Mayor Dwight Jones calls for regional cooperation, saying, “It just might be that we'll be forced to work together.” Now that's the spirit!

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