The Score

A weekly rating of the city zeitgeist.


+9 With an estimated 190,000 attendees, the Richmond Folk Festival draws its largest crowd ever to hear free music from across the world at the Richmond riverfront. The only big complainers are guests from the Virginia Tea Party convention, who wonder how all these foreigners got so much stage time. 

0 Speaking of foreigners, Richmonders celebrate Columbus Day by not doing much of anything. After all, we tend to think that arriving on the shores of the New World was that glorious day when we could return to the rivah after the War of Northern Aggression.

+5 A new website launches called, which allows viewers to compare and analyze local charities and buy gift cards for recipients to make donations to favorite causes. We're still combing the site for ways to revive Doug Wilder's career. 

-2 University of Richmond star quarterback Aaron Corp is injured at an away game against New Hampshire, requiring season-ending knee surgery and making it difficult for the team to rebound from lukewarm stats. So what's the University of Virginia's excuse? 

-4 The T-D reports on a new study that finds that college freshman dropouts cost Virginia taxpayers $177.7 million during a five-year period, with federal costs at $33.7 million. If only we'd invested that money in Facebook, Starbucks and Urban Outfitters stock.

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