The Score

A weekly rating of the city zeitgeist.


+7 Nearly 100 groups — including a Style Weekly-sponsored giant snowman balloon — march in the 25th annual Ukrop's-Supervalu Richmond Christmas Parade, which draws thousands of spectators. And for the 25th year in a row, the Club Velvet lap-dance balloon wasn't allowed to fly. 

+6 There's holiday spectacle all over the city, with the James Center's Grand Illumination lighting up downtown office buildings and Gov. Tim Kaine turning on some 1,500 energy-efficient lights on the State Capitol tree. That's one light for every foreclosed home in the Commonwealth! 

+1 Four weeks after Obama-McCain wraps up, Virginia's gubernatorial race gets started with the four hopefuls gathering at a media forum in downtown Richmond as part of AP Day at the Capitol. If it wasn't before, now is really the winter of our discontent.

-3 Yet another local flea market is raided on suspicion of counterfeit items as Chesterfield County police swoop into the Jeff Davis Highway Flea Market and confiscate hundreds of goods. Hot ticket items this year: SpongeBob Crackpants and the Wintendo Nii. 

0 Virginia Republicans gather for their annual Advance, developing strategy and partying it up at the Homestead resort in Hot Springs. Their straw poll's especially fun, 'cause it's the one place Virginia Republicans do well in a poll. 

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