The Score

A weekly rating of the city zeitgeist.


-4In between charges of sexism, racism and discussions of the n-word, Southern roots and Nancy Reagan, we understand there's an actual Senate campaign going on. One day we may find out about the issues.

+5The State Fair opens, promising an Oct. 8 finale concert that brings Elliott Yamin back to sing for his fan-frenzied hometown. It's expected that even the squeals from the racing pigs will be drowned out.

-3Gov. Tim Kaine has to appeal the Federal Emergency Management Agency's decision to deny financial aid to Virginians who faced damages from Tropical Storm Ernesto. After all, FEMA is just too busy not helping other people.

-4Speaking of not doing things, the General Assembly finally adjourns with no progress toward solving Virginia's transportation problems. Then they wondered why it took so long getting home.

+1Richmond Police track down an inmate at his mom's house after a sheriff's deputy mistakenly releases him from a detention center. Used to be the locks on the jail doors were broken. Now we're just skipping a step.

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