The Score

A weekly rating of the city zeitgeist.


+5 Best Friends Day draws comrades, partygoers and Richmond returnees to a weekend of music, drinking and a finale event Sunday at Hadad's Lake. And on Monday, Hadad's commenced its annual dreadlock-clogged-drain cleaning. 

-3 A wreck strands drivers on Interstate 95 for hours while emergency crews try to corral 100 compressed-gas cylinders that fell off a truck. Which isn't nearly as fun as the time they had to round up the 40 strippers who fell out of the back of a Paper Moon van. 

+1 The Daily News reports on Newport News Army cartographer Jonah Adkins for creating a realistic map of the fictional island from the television series “Lost.” He's also the first military man since Gomer Pyle to never get laid. 

+2 They're back: 3,650 freshmen move in at Virginia Commonwealth University, kicking off a new school year. And the streets that weekend ran with rivers of beer-stained regret, leaving puddles of burned orientation manuals, fake I.D.s and shame. 

-9 Retired policeman Dalton “Ricky” Duling, the man who played Sergeant Santa for decades while giving out toys to underprivileged children, dies at age 84. He was the first Santa we knew who really existed.

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