The Score


+7 The State Fair of Virginia is as popular as ever at its new spot in Caroline County, with early attendance estimates of more than 250,000. Plus, Saturday night featured a new, scary thrill ride: parking and finding your way to the main entrance.

-2 A North Carolina woman steals the regional title in the U.S. Pole Dance Federation's regional competition, held at the Paramount Theater in Charlottesville. Damn it, Richmond, first we lose the U2 concert to Charlottesville, now this? 

-4 On the heels of Bryan Park vandalism, the T-D reports that Forest Hill Park is hit with anti-Semitic and racist graffiti. If that weren't bad enough, an evil squirrel is spotted wearing a white hood. 

0 Public Policy Polling reports that Gov. Mark Warner is the most popular governor of the past two decades, while Kaine and Gilmore bring up the rear. Gov. Wilder earns “Most Likely to Make This Poll about Himself.” 

+3 Richmond gets into Halloween early, filling movie theaters to see “Zombieland,” going on outings in Scream Forest, taking ghost tours with Haunts of Richmond and planning workshops to prepare for the Zombie Walk. Pretending to be dead is just plain exhausting. 

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