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A national white-supremacist group based in Illinois causes a stir when it gets permission to hold a meeting at the Chester Library. Thanks to local news media, the racist group is able to dissolve its publicity committee.


As Virginia's budget gets tighter, it becomes clear that state spending cuts and employee layoffs are on the way. A helpful top-level official suggested saving money by printing pink slips on both sides.


Chesterfield County joins other localities in lightening the watering restrictions on residents who decide to aerate and seed their lawns. It's no surprise. In the world of politics, few special-interest groups wield as much power as the lawn-care industry.

- 1

Former Gov. L. Douglas Wilder cries foul over the use of the Confederate flag's image in the campaign of Demoractic congressional candidate Ben "Cooter" Jones. He says he would not object, however, to using the image of Daisy Duke.


this week's score: - 3

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