The Score


+2Former Wilder adviser Paul Goldman and former City Councilwoman Jackie Jackson, along with Dirtwoman, throw their hats into the ring for mayor. The race is getting crowded, and that's not even counting the space Wilder's ego takes up.

-7The fatal explosion of a Civil War-era cannonball in a Chesterfield County home touches off concern about regulations on such relics. So it's not just Iraq we have to worry about. The Civil War death toll continues to climb too.

+4Attorney General Bob McDonnell says state and federal officials are booting more than 200 foreign-born sex offenders from the state, the T-D reports, saying Virginia is no place for "criminal alien sex offenders." West Virginia, they're all yours.

-3The National, Richmond's newest music venue, delays its opening, and Van Halen disappoints fans by postponing a concert at John Paul Jones Arena. What's happening to our music scene? Even the guy banging on a bucket in Carytown keeps showing up late for his gigs.

-1He was no Elliott Yamin, so voters ax Colton Berry of Staunton -- Virginia's only hope for an American Idol this year. At least he has a promising career as an Ellen DeGeneres

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