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-7 Everything's canceled, but some things aren't, and keeping up with it all is wearing everybody down. Things are so confusing we could have sworn someone said Ukrop's had been sold. But that's just crazy, right? Pass the vitamin C — no, make that D. Yes, D. The D is good. Good D. 

+4 Boy Scouts across Richmond celebrate the group's 100th anniversary. Like the rib of Adam, the cake is made from Girl Scout cookies. 

+1 The governor and his family settle into their new home at the Executive Mansion. And if you thought security at McDonnell's inaugural ball was loose, wait till you see the pranks those twin boys are pulling on the butlers. We smell a Patty Duke remake! And if you've ever smelled Patty Duke, you know it's a combo of pipe tobacco and pine needles. 

-2 We gaze into murky potholes, one by one, fascinated by their depth, their breadth, their copious existence. Sheer wonder. What does it all mean? What can the pavement teach us about life — or more curiously, what can the lack of pavement teach us about ourselves? 

-3 A discombobulated Harvey Morgan, the state delegate trying to decriminalize marijuana, tunes into the Super Bowl. It's not what he expected.


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