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After 31 years at the Times-Dispatch, the wonderfully grumpy Steve Clark retires, writing in an anti-sappy farewell column that he is "outta here." You just know that dude had a killer retirement party.

score: -1

The tally is in: John Snow, former CSX Corp. chairman and CEO, landed $60.8 million in cash, stock and pension money upon resigning in February to become treasury secretary. Big deal. It's not like he made $60.9 million or anything.

score: -1

In giant mall strategy news, Regency Square and Stony Point Fashion Park hire Deidre P. Goodrich to replace marketing director Paige Peak, who abandoned the malls for rival Short Pump Town Center. A mud-wrestling match has yet to be scheduled.

score: +1

this week's score: +2

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