The Score


The Elegba Folklore Society's Janine Bell cancels the 17-year-old Capital City Kwanzaa Festival, one of the largest events of its kind in the state, after negotiations with an unnamed "personality" fall through. Hey, Jesus hasn't shown up yet, but we still have Christmas, don't we?

At a speech to the Richmond Crusade for Voters, Mayor Wilder says he's through with extending olive branches: "I've heard I'm supposed to be conciliatory -- you've seen all you're going to see of me being conciliatory." We think he thinks "conciliatory" means "unpredictable, bordering on insane."

Speaking of Wilder, what was it with that piece of the ceiling nearly falling on his hard-hat-wearing head? It happened at a ceremony introducing The National, a new concert venue undergoing renovation downtown. Ah, great — now even gravity's turning on the mayor.

The T-D announces yet another reorganization attempt, vowing to create a "Continuous News Organization," knocking reporters out of their specialties and causing many of them to dust off résumés. We anticipate a lot of reruns.

Virginia Tech says it will create a Center for Peace Studies and Violence Prevention at Norris Hall, where a student killed 30 people in April. It's a wise choice and as good a message as any for

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