The Score


-6 Building owners close the doors to Toad's Place, citing default in rent and leaving Busta Rhymes with nowhere to play Friday, at least for now. In online comments, snotty T-D readers jeer about the closing, apparently because said readers think organizing sound into patterns and amplifying it smacks of the devil's horseplay. 

-3 Gov. Kaine signs the smoking ban into effect Dec. 1, making all restaurants smoke-free, well, unless they're private clubs or have a separately ventilated smoking area. North Carolina pointedly snubs Virginia at a recent party, mumbling to a friend over cigars and brandy about “a certain Commonwealth that apparently wants to live forever.” 

-2 Rescue workers help a man who breaks his leg while scaling the power plant at Belle Isle — and because of the bridge closure must use a helicopter to take him out. In a cruel twist, the helicopter runs out of power. 

0 Gov. Tim Kaine may be staying neutral, but Richmond Mayor Dwight Jones throws his support behind Massachusetts-born Brian Moran, running for the Democratic nomination as governor. It's so great to see the North and South holding hands. 

-9 And finally, Circuit City closes. Executives finally have some free time to count their bonuses.

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