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-1With the help of City Councilman Bill Pantele, the Fan District Association launches its "Fall Party Patrol," an attempt to crack down on out-of-control house parties. They also vow to hunt down and punish Lonelygirl15.

+1In a deft move, Mayor Wilder hires a former critic of the Virginia Performing Arts Foundation, John Gerner, as consultant to the committee charged with salvaging the project. In related news, Henry Marsh is the mayor's new press secretary.

-2Richmond restaurant owners, grocery stores and people who actually eat spinach throw the stuff out during a national E. coli scare. And in an underground lair somewhere, a devious 10-year-old is creating a vile strain of bacteria for brussels sprouts.

-3Sen. George Allen's opponent, Jim Webb, gets his own taste of bad press when a 1979 article surfaces in which he criticizes women in the military and writes that for women in the U.S. Naval Academy, a dorm is "a horny woman's dream." So it looks like the key issues this fall will be bigotry vs. sexism.

-5Convicted sex offender and former Chesterfield County Board of Supervisors member Ed Barber sues the county for retirement benefits, the Times-Dispatch reports, claiming he wasn't fired. He's also trying to cash in his "retired sex offender" IRA. S

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