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+2Post-fireworks, much ado is made, via lottery picks and wedding dates, of the supposed "luckiest day of the century," on 07/07/07. Check back in nine months to see how many people actually got lucky.

-1Presidential candidate Jim Gilmore puts campaigning on hold while he recovers from surgery to repair a partially detached retina. The good news: His eyepatch scores him a much-needed campaign donation from the Pirate and Scalawag PAC.

+2State officials tell the T-D their inspection of seafood from China at local retailers does not turn up any banned anti-microbials. It did find a moo goo gai pan that would eat the paint off a Chevy fender, though.

+5Thousands of people turn out for the Hanover Tomato Festival to taste the vine-ripened jewels, eat fried green tomatoes and compete for best salsa. With just a little more moxie, Hanover might get into a tomato-fighting orgy like the Tomatilla Festival in Spain.

0Wilder gets into more fights (see page 12). Everybody wins!

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