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-5 Some 237 years after rebellious colonists throw tea overboard into Boston Harbor, Americans open their wallets for the federal government's new 10-percent tax on tanning salons. Pasty Yankees, rise up! Accept not ye tariffs like aimless lemmings! Give us UV rays or give us death! 

-7 Concealed-weapons permit-holders celebrate their new McDonnell-given right to carry guns into bars as long as they don't drink alcohol. We're not worried, 'cause you can smell these gun-toting crazies a mile away: When you get a whiff of deer-urine-soaked camouflage mixed with PBR breath and the desperate scent of loneliness — run. 

-5 Eugene Trani unveils his long list of mostly old, white and entrenched males who make up the board of his new think tank. It's his way of giving a nod to the Founding Fathers, minus the spirit of change. 

+1 Some Richmonders get together to celebrate Social Media Day. Which falls on the day before Canada Day, and is only slightly less Frenchy. 

+9 An explosive display of dazzling colors helps the Flying Squirrels celebrate their first Fourth of July at The Diamond. And that's just what filled Nutzy's hallucinatory head after he got nailed with one of Brandon Crawford's foul balls.

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