The Score

A weekly rating of the city zeitgeist.


The Richmond Braves win their very final game at The Diamond against Norfolk, while officials vow to find a new team for the region. One new criteria: Uniforms must include hard hats to shield from falling concrete.

Labor Day ends and a new school year begins. And our clothes are still dorky.

Richmond takes cover with the approach of Tropical Storm Hanna, but only gets hit with a few inches of needed rain and some power outages. On the city's North Side, a proposed hurricane party goes from libertine orgy to three-and-a-half rounds of Apples to Apples. At least one participant, however, wore no pants.

Because of Hanna, NASCAR fans are stuck in town an extra day with the big race postponed. Don't worry, NASCAR fans are used to sitting around and doing nothing.

Smoke sets off fire alarms at the Virginia Capitol and sends firefighters rushing to the landmark, only to find burning food. Apparently there was no Microwave Usage Aptitude Test during the vetting process of Gov. Kaine.

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