The Score

A weekly rating of the city zeitgeist.


-4 Someone swaps an Obama yard sign with a Confederate flag in Chesterfield. Meanwhile, authorities are still trying to find out who replaced a McCain poster in Hanover with an even bigger McCain poster.

-2 During her stop in Richmond, Sarah Palin questions the patriotism of “protesters” shouting at her — only to discover they were supporters asking her to speak up. Later, she mistakes Jim Gilmore for a legitimate contender for the U.S. Senate. 

-5 In a Sunday editorial, Mayor L. Douglas Wilder declines to endorse any of the candidates vying to replace him, saying they “never say anything positive about our city.” Nor do they mention how Wilder fixed the city schools and kept baseball in Richmond.

-7 Qimonda AG hits reboot at its eastern Henrico County semiconductor plant, slashing about 1,200 workers' jobs. The silver lining: no longer having to explain to new acquaintances that they “don't work at a kimono factory or Komodo dragon farm.”

Richmond's new police chief Bryan Norwood is pictured in local media and blogs subjecting himself to a Taser demonstration back in Bridgeport, Conn. Still, it was nothing compared to Mayor Wilder's corn-cob simulator.



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