The Score


0After 28 years in the senate, Republican Sen. John Warner, 80, announces that he'll retire Jan. 6, 2009. But he'll be getting to work soon on his next campaign: winning Elizabeth Taylor back.

-1When Mayor Wilder speaks at Richmond Public Schools' convocation ceremony, he's greeted by boos from about 10 percent of the audience. The other 90 percent were too frightened of being evicted to make noise.

-4Local employees of Wachovia Securities get the dreaded confirmation: About 2,000 of them will lose their jobs because of the merger with A.G. Edwards. Soon we'll all need protection from hordes of finance people roaming the streets, looting but offering sound investment advice to their victims.

+2Officials break ground on new green-friendly digs for GRTC Transit System, which is moving from the Fan to 12 acres in the South Side. In the off-hours, drivers can partake of patchouli showers, a hemp garden and around-the-clock hackey-sac.

-1It's safe, but tap water for some Chesterfield residents takes on a yellow/brown tint, the T-D reports, triggered by high manganese levels in Lake Chesdin. We smell profits in a new sports drink: Chesdin Fitness Water: Now with more manganese!

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