The Score


-1 College freshmen invade Richmond. We swatted a few of them away with the fake IDs they were using; the others we sent off to find left turns. Seemed to work. 

+6 Cowboy Mouth, Pat McGee and David Allan Coe are among the artists filling up the schedule at the new Hat Factory. And no, there may not be fancy backstage amenities like the hot tub at the National, but every artist gets a very nice hat. 

+5 Carrie Persing, who teaches at the MathScience Innovation Center, gets $10,000 by winning the 2009 Presidential Award for Science, Math and Engineering Teaching, plus an opportunity to meet President Obama. Ooohhh, someone's getting a really cool new calculator! 

-4 Mayor Dwight Jones says poor management led to the city's Department of Social Services overbilling the state by $3.8 million. He appoints Carrie Persing to check things over now that she has a cool new calculator. 

-3 With the end of the Cash for Clunkers program, Richmond automobile dealers no longer offer easy money for trading in your car. Which is too bad, because we were waiting to see Happy the Artist driving around in a fuel-efficient Volvo. (Er, sorry McGeorge, we mean Prius.)

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