The Score


0 Baseball overload: A Manchester site is suggested for a new ballpark while Charlie Diradour presses for renovations at The Diamond. First on the to-do list: Re-animate the giant Indian sculpture of Connecticut to defend our city from Mothra attacks. 

-2 A rotten-egg smell in Hopewell has a concerned group of residents working to test the air and spread awareness about potential problems. In unrelated news, the Hopewell Waffle House has a half-price sale on all egg dishes! 

-1 A Hanover family picks up a stray cat on the side of the road while traveling to a family event, and let's just say that nine people end up being treated for rabies exposure. And let's just say the cat wasn't so happy about it either. Nothing good comes of hitchhiking cats. 

+3 Speaking of animals, in the wake of swine flu hysteria Virginia learns it will get $8.8 million to help prepare for future flu pandemics. That's including, but not limited to, Panda flu, Chihuahua fever and the dreaded Lohan whooping cough. 

-2 Midnight earthquake! A 2.3-magnitude quake hits the Short Pump area. That whooshing rumble you heard was the sound of a thousand collars being un-popped at the same time.

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